Tech women in Chiapas

The first ever Women’s Tech Meetup took place last week on November 3, in Tuxtla Guitérrez in the state of Chiapas, México, courtesy of my friends Isabel Jimenez and Antonio Anaya. This came out of a dinner for women in the tech community in Guadalajara, where Isabel met Antonio courtesy of Ana Paula. You see how this works! Ja, ja. Isabel was one of the co-founders of the Tech Women Community in México along with Ivonne Carrillo, a Software Analyst at Bixal.

We are all very pleased to see this wonderful cross pollination between women in tech communities across México. They are setting a model.

Isabel is a user experience designer and Founder of She is active in many women’s tech groups in Guadalajara. Antonio is founder of Hacking Diem in Chiapas.


Tech Women México & Chiapas