Six Month Update / Noticias de seis meses

By Michael – Knowing that the US election of 2016 could not end well, I began traveling in late August last year after months of planning, first to Europe and then to Latin America. I wanted to reconnect with friends around the world, but I have also been in search of new kinds of civic and political initiatives that are breaking the mold to reimagine politics and expand the range of what is politically possible.

Having traversed California organizing, speaking and training activists for several years as co-founder of the Courage Campaign, I know there are lots of local civic and political projects with significant potential that get very little media attention in the US. Since beginning my current journey, I have traveled to 17 cities in 12 countries. As in the US, I am finding wonderfully creative civic projects everywhere, some of them with enormous potential to improve awareness and coordination among micro-initiatives across borders.

I am now in Perú, and the first report about the inspiring people and projects I have encountered during my travels has published in Argentina, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Uruguay and the United States. Links to this article, titled “Seeding the Future,” are listed below by nation.


A companion article exploring the idea of “Authentic Hope” has also published in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the US.


During my visit to Montevideo, Uruguay in January to meet with Martín Otheguy, a brilliant author and senior editor at the Montevideo Portal with whom I have worked for more than two years, I was interviewed about the US election on “Los Informates Radio,” a popular and entertaining AM talk radio program. My hosts on the show were Martín (right in photo below) and well known Uruguayan short story writer, activist and Los Informates founding member Ignacio Alcuri (left). You can listen to the interview, in Spanish and English, at the link below.

Los Informates Radio

Many thanks to all who have supported me on this continuing journey of discovery. I hope you like the articles and interview.

During the coming weeks, I will be publishing a series of journal entries and photo and video essays about my travels. This will be done in multiple formats and platforms to ensure ease of access from any device.

It will include blog entries such as this one; articles publishing in multiple mass circulation publications worldwide in a variety of languages; a companion ‘Series” at; publication of longer think pieces at as book excerpts; and two new books that will publish before the end of the year with availability at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online platforms.

Subjects will include how I decided to go on this adventure; how I planned for it; the many political and cultural discoveries of the journey so far; profiles of amazing people and places; discussions and interviews about what we might expect to unfold during the rest of 2017 and beyond from various illuminating vantage points encountered during my travels; and a book titled “iFeudalism and the Theology of Capital” that is dedicated to a deeper analysis of the historical roots and future prospects for what Benjamin Barber describes as ‘McWorld’.

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COVER PHOTO: Bicyclists passing in opposing directions in front of colorful 19th century buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark, a beautiful city with one of the most amazing bicycle cultures in the world.