Peronist history in Argentina

My dear friend Sergio Carciofi, an attorney, writer and political educator with unparalleled expertise in Peronismo, continues to publish, educate and speak at
public events of all kinds in Buenos Aires, ranging from grand lecture halls to panel discussions to intimate local venues. He is pictured here (r) with fellow historians Jorge Landau (l) and Silvia Rey (c) at the National Congress of Argentina.


Sergio’s talks and his books often bring to light little known incidents with unexpected significance for Argentine history, and he has become a master at weaving a larger historical narrative from these often forgotten events.

His latest book investigates and explores the historical implications of the execution without trial of three deserters by order of President Sarmiento, who is a national icon in Argentine history. It is titled LONCOGÜÉ:  Los Fusilados de Sarmiento.” 

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