Miguel_280Michael Meurer, is Founder of Meurer Group & Associates. Michael is an internationally published writer, political analyst, communications strategist and media producer who teaches university classes on US politics, campaigns and media. He is bilingual English-Spanish and has traveled widely in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Michael served as a Senior Advisor to the California Democratic Party and created the concept of virtual Democracy Bonds© used by the Democratic National Committee for their record-breaking low dollar online fundraising. He is co-founder of the Courage Campaign and the Campaign for California’s Future and has consulted for and managed political and community organizing campaigns at local, state and national levels.



Milena Palacio is our education and community outreach liaison in South America. Milena is founder of the Comuna 13 Project, which brings free classes four times each week in English and English-speaking culture to residents of what was once the most at-risk barrio in Medellín, Colombia. Milena assists Meurer Education and Meurer Group & Associates with communications outreach, translation and operations. She is fluent in Spanish, English and German. Milena also teaches Spanish classes online. Her teaching website is