fuckup_nights_panoramaFuckUpNights (FUN) is an initiative that was started by a trio of friends in México City a few years ago after a long night discussing what they had learned from their business failures over several rounds of cerveza. They found it liberating to talk about what had gone wrong and decided to meet more regularly. This led to the realization that other people might want to share their stories, and that doing so would be very helpful to people trying to launch startups. FuckUpNights was born, part standup comedy, part serious business consulting and always a good time. FUN has now spread worldwide, with monthly events in cities across Latin America, Europe and the US.

andrea_y_xorge_fuckup_night_gdlI recently attended a special FUN event in Guadalajara that was packed with a capacity crowd, mingling, sharing stories and making connections. Now imagine this idea focused on change oriented social initiatives, and the possibilities become palpable.

(With FUNsters Xorge and Andrea)